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About Us

About Texas Lone Star Title
About Texas Lone Star Title, LLC

Our History

Texas Lone Star Title, LLC was founded in 2014 by the real estate industry veteran, Michael Neuman, in Austin Texas. The first branch office was established in Eagle Pass, Maverick County, in 2015.

The office started small, with a 300 SQFT office space and was serving Travis and Williamson counties.

In 2017, Texas Lone Star Title, LLC acquired Guaranty Title and Abstract Company. Both title companies were founded already in the 1920’s.

In 2019, Texas Lone Star Title, LLC acquired another title company with name Nueces Title. Nueces Title was founded in 1980, and the company has grown to now operate two established offices in Corpus Christi, Nueces County.

In 2019, Texas Lone Star Title, LLC acquired McMullen Title. McMullen Title opened its doors in 1830, and is located in McMullen County.

We are also proud to say that Texas Lone Star Title, LLC owns and operates Title Plants in Duval, Jim Wells, Maverick, Mitchell, McMullen and Nueces counties. All title plants are Sovereignty Title Plants (except for Nueces county), and are dated as far as back as in the 1830’s.

The team at Texas Lone Star Title, LLC is fully equipped to close real estate transactions and can provide Title Evidence in 86 counties in the state of Texas, and is continuously growing to serve all of Texas.

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Texas Lone Star Title, LLC - Guaranty Title & Abstract Company

CEO of Texas Lone Star Title, LLC

Michael Neuman

Our Philosophy

At Texas Lone Star Title our focus is serving our customers by conducting our business better, smoother and more efficiently than anyone else. Our constant goal is to set new standards, meet or beat those standards, and then raise the bar again. That is how we provide the quality service that continues to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Principle

Our principle is to stay up to date in our education and training, along with our years of experience in the Real Estate and Title industries, we are able to provide professional service concerning commercial, residential and Farm and Ranch title transactions.  


Key Of Success

Texas Lone Star Title offers quick turn-around title searches and examination. You can always count on excellent customer service and the most accurate title searches when having the experts at Texas Lone Star Title do the job.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

We work with expert attorney fee offices all around the state of Texas. We currently serve 86 counties in Texas and are continuously growing. Find our fee attorney offices here.

With constant education and development we stay on top of our game. Meet our professional team here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qustion: Why is a title search so important before purchasing a new home?

Answer: Before purchasing your new home you need to make sure the house you intend to buy has clean title, meaning it is clear of judgements and liens. This also shows that the seller is the rightful owner and you are not purchasing a house belonging to somebody else.

Qustion: How long does a title search take?

Answer: A complete title search and examination often takes 3 -7 days.

Qustion: What information do you need from me in order to get started?

To get started with a title search we need the contact info to you and the seller, the address and survey of the property, and a signed sales purchase contract.

Qustion: How often do you find liens and judgements on a title?

Unfortunately, we find liens and judgements on the title to a property very often. This is why you need to do a title search before purchasing any property. If not, It can be a costly experience. The title company is here to help clearing the judgements/liens before the title is transferred to the new owner.

Qustion: Can I do a title search on my own?

Yes, you can do your own title search, but it is a time consuming process with several steps and you risk making mistakes with not discovering possible liens and judgements. It is well worth the money to hire a professional title company to do this for you.

Our Underwriters

Alliant National Title Insurance
Agents National Title Insurance Company (ANTIC) is a title insurance underwriter servicing independent title agents throughout the country, offering a full range of title insurance and related services from legal, underwriting, and claims to education, escrow, and lender relations. Headquartered in Columbia, MO, ANTIC holds licenses in 35 states and has regional offices in Florida, Texas and Indiana. ANTIC is a subsidiary of Incenter with offices in Charlotte, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Manila, Philippines and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Incenter employs approximately 1,000 professionals worldwide. For more information, click here.

Alliant National
Since 2005, Alliant National Title Insurance has grown to become the largest independent title insurance underwriter in the nation with no direct or affiliate operations.

Our reinsurers hold more than 5x the policyholder surplus of the Top 4 underwriters combined, while all of our reinsurance partners have substantially better ratings than any title insurance underwriter with an AM Best rating of A- (Excellent) or better. For more information, click here.


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