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We are no ordinary lawyers. The law challenges us, and THAT makes our days filled with purpose. We create power with words by arranging them in the most persuasive manner. We listen to our clients and empower them by putting their stories into those words. We research to find the most relevant authorities to support our clients’ positions. At the end of the day, we go to bed satisfied knowing the stack of paper on the desk is ready to be filed. We present clients with multiple options, explain the differences between them, and find the best solution as if we were our own clients. Our families are the most loyal fans of our work. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are worthy of their pride. If you think we are the right kind of lawyers for you or your business, call us and confirm! Visit our website.

Fee Attorney Office Houston - Shuang Leng H&L Law

Shuang Leng

Fee Attorney

Phone: (+1) 832-812-3589

Fee Attorney Office Houston -Liyue Huang-Sigle H&L Law

Liyue Huang-Sigle

Fee Attorney

Phone: (+1) 832-779-4779


Real Estate Transactions100%
Estate Planning Wills & Probate90%
Business Planning85%
Family Law & Immigration80%

We Always Strive for the Best!

We’ve got a top notch team.

Fee Attorney Office Houston -H&L Law

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